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The World Ends with You The Animation – UG SHIBUYA FES –

On Sunday March 14th, 2021 we will be holding an online event “UG SHIBUYA FES” prior to the anime debut of “The World Ends with You The Animation.” “UG SHIBUYA FES” is an online event that includes the “World Premiere” and the “UG SHIBUYA Museum”

For the “World Premiere” we will have the first ever advance screening of episode 1 of the animation, as well as host a live talk session with the main cast. We will also be selling tickets that include limited edition merchandise that can only be purchased at this event so don’t miss it!

Art related to “The World Ends with You The Animation” will be exhibited at the “UG SHIBUYA Museum,” a digital exhibition accessible for a limited time only. Important documentation related to the settings of the animation, unpublished artwork, fan art, and others will be exhibited. A call for submissions will be made and the submitted art will be exhibited here. We hope to see you at the exhibit created together with “The World Ends with You” fans. We’ll also have merchandise exclusive to this exhibition available for purchase (details to come).

World Premiere

  • – Date and Time:
    Sunday March 14th, 2021 from 5:30pm (JST)
  • – Guests:
    Koki Uchiyama (as Neku), Anna Hachimine (as Shiki), Subaru Kimura (as Beat), Ayana Taketatsu (as Rhyme), Ryohei Kimura (as Joshua), Kazuya Ichikawa (Director)
  • – Schedule:
    Session 1: World Premiere
    • – Greetings by the director and cast (with English Interpreter)
    • – Advance screening of episode 1 (with English subtitles)
    • – Discussion (with English Interpreter)
    Session 2: Talk Session with Cast members
    • – Talk Session with Cast members
    • – Exclusive raffle for viewers

〈Limited Edition Merchandise〉

We will be selling tickets that include limited edition merchandise that can only be purchased at this event.

Art Skateboard (Limited Design World Premiere edition)

Specifications: Size (8.0” x 31.5”) Weight (1200g)
*Design subject to change


  • – Date and Time:
    Sunday March 14th, 2021 from 6pm (JST) to July 30th, 2021
    • *Accessibility from outside of Japan will stop on March 31st, 2021.
  • – How to enter the museum:
    Admission is free
    24/7 access by smartphone or PC
    • *URL (will be notified)
    • *Account registration needed to like or comment on the exhibits.
  • – How to participate in the fan art exhibits:
    Post your “The World Ends with You” artwork on twitter using hashtag #UGSHIBUYAART and #TWEWY
    Submissions start Monday March 1st. Deadline to submit will be notified later.
    • *Only art created by the submitter will be allowed. Art does not have to be new.
    • *If you mention Anique (@anique_jp) in your twitter post, we will let you know after we exhibit your art.
    • *If your art includes any of the following, we may decide not to include it in our exhibit.
      • – Characters from other content such as games, manga, animation, etc…
      • – Sexual or discriminatory expressions
      • – Religious or political views
    • *Other elements that the “The World Ends with You” production committee deems inappropriate.